Mission Statement

My mission at Hobbs Birthing is to provide physical and emotional support to mothers during labor, to assist families in supporting laboring mothers, to provide knowledge to make informed decisions, to provide a new perspective on procedures, to give families a positive memory of their delivery, to ensure families adjust properly after birth, to provide education on infant care and postpartum recovery, to assist families in their new roles, and to support the physical and emotional needs in the first three months after delivery.


Madison Hobbs, SBD

Doula Services
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Providing Extra Support to You and Your Family

Getting to Know Each Other

Before beginning a professional relationship together, it is important for us to get to know each other. We both must be comfortable with the other in order to be confident moving forward. I will have basic questions for you on what you're looking for from both me, your birth experience, and/or your postpartum period so I can know if I can meet your expectations. I encourage you to have a list of questions to ask me as well so you can be confident that I will meet your expectations. If you need help coming up with questions, you may find some suggestions here.



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