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Have you seen the new banner on my website? If so, you might know that Hobbs Birthing is now partnered with KC Women's Ministry. But, do you know what that means? Who is KC Women's Ministry and what does our partnership look like? Keep reading to learn all about the amazing organization that Hobbs Birthing and our clients are supporting.

KC Women's Ministry is a non-profit based in Kansas City founded by women passionate about providing easy access to doula services. They have grown to be an all-encompassing organization supporting women in health, wellness, business, and, of course, pregnancy. They partner with other non-profits to provide pro-bono services to families who cannot afford them. They also offer a sliding scale program for families who are in need of financial assistance to have doula services. These services include birth, postpartum, lactation, babywearing, belly binding, and childbirth education.

We share a passion, that all people are deserving of doula support during their birth and postpartum period. Which is where this partnership was born.

When you hire Madison at Hobbs Birthing, you are contributing to a donation to KCWM. 10% of all birth and babywearing services are donated to the Birth It Forward Program. This program helps fund the fee-waived services provided by KCWM doulas. When you buy doula services, you are paying for another family's doula.

With this partnership, you, as a Hobbs Birthing client, will also receive more support. As a partner and a member with KCWM, I utilize their backup program for doulas. This provides me with a large community of doulas to call upon as a backup. This ensures that there is always someone who is familiar with you and your birth plan available in the event that I am unable to join you when active labor begins.

Learn more about KCWM HERE

Learn more about Birth It Forward HERE

Learn more about KCWM's doulas HERE

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