Postpartum Services coming August 2019

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Postpartum Packages

As a Doula, I pride myself in providing you and your partner with care, understanding, information, and support during the first 3 months follwoing delivery, deemed the "fourth trimester." I offer my services to all mothers and all families with all parenting styles. I will support your family decisions without judgment and will provide educational materials without bias.


It is important for me to tailor my services to your preferences, hopes, and desires for your fourth trimester. This is done during the initial consultation, typically occurring prior to baby's birth. Further information on consultations may be found here.

Just Get Me Started

You just need an extra hand in the beginning to get you started.


I Need the Average

You need help for more than just the first few weeks, but don't need 3 months.

Man Holding Newborn

I Need the Most

You need help for the entire first 3 months.

Morher and Baby

*Packages are not the only options, nor are they discounted, but rather give an idea of a recommended contract for those who are unsure of what they might need. For more information on hours, shifts, days, and fees, click here.